meinGrün: Green in the city – Information and navigation to urban green areas

Work structure

The project partners cooperate in five work packages (WP):

WP 0
Project Management (IÖR)

WP 5
Terra Concordia)

WP 1
Requirement Analysis and Conceptual Framework (Lead: IÖR)

WP 2
Methods for Data Acquisition and Data Integration of green spaces (Lead: DLR)

WP 2.1
Physical Green Structure

WP 2.2
Single tree structure

WP 2.3

WP 2.4
Use & Perceptions

WP 3
Methods for the Analysis/Evaluation of Green Spaces and their Access
(Lead: IfK)

WP 3.1
Green Space Assessment

WP 3.2

WP 3.3
User Feedback

WP 4
Prototypical Implementation of meinGrün
(Lead HeiGIT)

WP 4.1
Software architecture

WP 4.2