meinGrün: Green in the city – Information and navigation to urban green areas

Project description

The overall objective of the meinGrün project is the experimental development and testing of a novel infrastructure of services and a webapp. This aims at providing an information and decision-making support tool for digitally exploring and visiting urban green spaces. For this purpose, various kinds of information are gathered and processed to provide user-specific information on green spaces as well as innovative routing options to access them. With the help of the webapp, citizens will be able to select their favorite green spaces according to their individual use preferences and aspirations. The webapp also supports the users in their routing decision to reach the selected green area on foot or by bicycle. This will be realised based on a customized routing considering greenness, shading, noise, and emission exposure. This way, the webapp can also contribute to behavioral changes in the everyday mobility of the citizens. In return, this can result in positive effects on the urban climate and the quality of life.

Dresden and Heidelberg are the pilot case cities for the development of the service infrastructure and the webapp. Different actors from both cities will be actively involved in different processes of the project from the beginning. With the prototypical implementation of a web portal Grüne Infrastruktur, all data concerning urban green spaces will be aggregated and made available for city planning and administration.